Jio Cinema Premium Subscription Coming Soon

Jio Cinema Premium

Watching content on Jio Cinema is free for now but its soon going to change by the end of IPL. Jio Cinema Premium is coming along with a proposed merger with Voot and others. The app has garnered significant attention by streaming the Indian Premier League (IPL 2023), and is reportedly planning to transition to a paid subscription model. According to recent updates, the company intends to charge viewers INR 2 per day following the conclusion of IPL 2023. Currently all the shows, movies and IPL are free on the app.

The company is expected to introduce three distinct plans, including daily, gold, and platinum options. A Reddit user’s post suggests that the one-day plan will cost users just INR 2 after a 93% discount, with the original price set at INR 29. Meanwhile, the Gold Plan is anticipated to be priced at around INR 299 but will initially be available to all users for INR 99. The Platinum Plan, an annual offering, is expected to be priced at INR 1,199, with an introductory price of INR 599. Similar to Netflix, the plan will support 4K content, provide an ad-free experience, and be available for up to four devices.

Previously, Jyoti Deshpande, President of Reliance’s media and content business, informed Bloomberg that the platform plans to add over 100 films and TV shows, positioning itself as a direct competitor to Netflix and Amazon Prime. She also mentioned that the new content would be available on the platform before the IPL 2023 Final. Regarding tariffs, Deshpande stated that the company aims to keep pricing simple for viewers.

Why is Jio Cinema providing IPL streaming for free?

Jio Cinema is providing IPL streaming for free as a strategic move to attract a large number of viewers to its platform. By offering India’s most popular T20 cricket league at no cost, JioCinema aims to capitalize on the immense popularity of the sport in the country and draw in a massive audience. This approach serves several purposes:

Increase user base: By streaming the IPL for free, Jio Cinema can significantly expand its user base, as cricket fans who may not have previously used the platform are likely to sign up to watch the matches.

Boost brand visibility: Offering free IPL streaming helps Jio Cinema increase its brand visibility and awareness among potential users. As more people become familiar with the platform, it can potentially lead to higher user engagement and retention in the long run.

Showcase platform capabilities: Streaming the IPL allows Jio Cinema to demonstrate its platform’s capabilities, such as streaming quality, user interface, and overall user experience. This can help build trust and credibility among viewers, encouraging them to explore other content offerings on the platform.

Cross-promotion opportunities: With a large audience tuning in for the IPL, Jio Cinema has the opportunity to cross-promote its other content offerings, such as movies, TV shows, and original programming. This can help drive user engagement and increase the likelihood of viewers subscribing to the platform once the free IPL streaming ends.

Data collection and analysis: By offering free IPL streaming, Jio Cinema can collect valuable user data, such as viewing habits, preferences, and demographics. This information can be used to improve the platform’s content recommendations, user experience, and marketing strategies.

Due to the ongoing IPL 2023 season, Jio Cinema has experienced a massive influx of users. For the first time in history, the company is streaming India’s most popular T20 cricket league for free, offering commentary in 12 different languages, including Punjabi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, Gujrati, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and more.

Expanding on this news, the following sections delve deeper into Jio Cinema’s plans and potential impact on the streaming market.

Jio Cinema Premium Plans

According to a reddit user, these are the upcoming plans, which are almost ready, but soon to be made public. The plans start from ₹29 to ₹1199.

Jio Cinema Premium

Jio Cinema For PC

The Jio Cinema application is officially supported on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, Tizen, Fire TV, and Apple TV. To access Jio Cinema on a Windows PC, the most efficient method is to utilize a web browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox, as this allows you to enjoy all the available content for free and without any issues.

Alternatively, you can install the Jio Cinema app on your Windows PC using an emulator like Bluestacks or by installing the app via an APK file. For Mac users, the Jio Cinema app is already available, making it easy to access the platform’s content.

Jio Cinema’s Future Content Strategy

Jio is planning to go big and potion itself alongside big players like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar etc. It has already announced its plans to add more than 100 films and TV shows to its platform. Jio also has a wide variety of regional content and is producing regional content and partnerships with content creators and studios. With Viacom 18, Paramount and Voot already in its arsenal, there is no scarcity of local or international content.

Impact on the Indian Streaming Market

Jio has now enough expertise after streaming the FIFA World cup 2022 and now IPL 2023. With the launch of 5G, its flying high, giving users unlimited 5G data. It part of the plan to attract more and more subscribers. Looking at the plans and the discounts, surely Jio will be able to attract the users and then slowly start brining the price sub-par with competitors like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar. Just like how it dominated the telecom market, its fully prepared to dominate the OTT market, at least in India.

Challenges and Opportunities for Jio Cinema

As far as the business strategy of Jio, it is fine losing some money in its initial year of acquiring customers by giving freebies. The Jio Cinema app is already self sufficient with ads, and Jio can make it profitable by introducing ads plus subscription model, similar to what Netflix is trying to do, to be successful in Indian market, where people are okay watching advertisements, rather than paying hefty monthly plans.

Jio Cinema’s Role in the Growth of Digital India

We all know how Jio has just becoming the king of Indian telecom market, and transformed the Broadband market. Alongside, its working with Google, Microsoft and others to setup data centres, streaming servers, and all the technical advancements it needs to dominate the digital services. Its just a matter of time, when it becomes the Google of India, democratizing and dominating almost every other digital services in India. Jio has so many products and services going on that it is difficult to write about all. It’s just a huge digital ecosystem, helping the growth of each individual niche.

Future Prospects for Jio Cinema

In conclusion, Jio Cinema’s decision to introduce a paid subscription model following the success of IPL 2023 represents a significant shift in the platform’s strategy. By offering competitive pricing and a diverse range of content, Jio Cinema aims to carve out a substantial share of the Indian streaming market. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how it navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly growing digital entertainment landscape in India.

Jio is providing free 5G internet this IPL season where the 5G is present. Check the cities and plan details here.

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